for harp and string ensemble, 2018
for clarinet and videoprojection, 2017
for koto and harp, 2017
electroacoustic composition, 2016
Předjaří / Praevernal
for percussion, string ensemble, fixed media sound and video projection, 2016
L'Étoile de Mer
for ensemble, 2015
The Flame and the Face
for harp, 2015
Princess in the Iron Mask
radiophonic composition, 2014
for shakuhachi, strings and live electronics, 2014
Polyrhythmic study
for piano, 2014
In Paradisum
for boy soprano, set of glasses, chamber orchestra and 5.1 fixed media, 2013
Orion Trio
for string trio, 2013
The Amazing Discworld
concertino for harp and chamber orchestra, 2012
electroacoustic composition, 2012
Psalm 57
for 4 singers (SATB) or mixed choir, 2012
Charon, the Train Driver
electroacoustic composition, 2011
Eight Sights of Rila and Pirin
for violin and organ, 2011
electroacoustic composition, 2010
Fantasia and fugue in C
for organ, 2010
The Rain
for piano, 2006