Trash on Mars
2018, music editing of the feature film Trash on Mars
2018, theme music of the festival Anifilm
Open Circuit Liverpool
2016-18, technical assistance at the Open Circuit festival Liverpool
Smečky Music Studios
2017, various projects
Mireille Mathieu
2017, recording of music album
She Spoke
2017, contact sound of Czech TV documentary films
Náš venkov TV series
2014, 2017, contact sound of Czech TV documentary films
2016-17, sound recording and production of radio spots
In Fausts Faust
2016, sound for a radio drama
Kathy Hinde: Hidden Sounds
2016, organisation of workshop and lecture
2016, technical assistance at the Contempuls festival
Martin and Osa Johnson
2016, music for exposition
Sound postproduction for the National Gallery
2011-15, sound postproduction of arts preservation conferences recordings
Konfrontace Petra Fischera
2015, sound recording of a Czech TV talkshow
The And
2015, film company promo music
Langweil's model of Prague
2015, music for exposition of the Jewish Museum in Prague
Zpívej / Sing
2015, recording and postproduction of a collection of poems
Špína na hrad, marast na faru, labutě na naši řeku
2015, sound recording and postproduction of a Czech TV documentary