Krastí / Svídna
experimental film, 2020

KRASTÍ (Kindling) is a collection of four experimental film poems that search for the relationship between the inner and outer landscapes. KRASTÍ rattles, crows, seeks beauty, landscape, trinkets, beauties and edges.

It was created from the creative collaboration of four authors during the years 2018-20. The aim of the authors was to examine the boundaries of film (visual) and musical (sound) compositions. The result is four films based on different approaches (from abstract music to documentary), which intersect in admiration for the film landscape and the musical components of the individual films. More than a narrative, KRASTÍ is rhythm and movement. Stories sink and flash rather than unwind linearly.

KRASTÍ is ideally presented as a concert, ie with live music. Musical improvisations thus create a special event from each performance. It can also be presented in the form of one film block or four short films.

The authorial film Svídna is one of the collection.

First screening with live music on 29/5 in the cinema Ponrepo, Prague 1.

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