Orion Trio
for string trio, 9', 2013

I. Bellatrix (origo)
II. Saiph (reversio)
III. Betelgeuse (inversio)
IV. Rigel (origo)

Although it might not be obvious, there is a quite rigorous system in Orion Trio. The first movement, Bellatrix, has its own harmonical rules that create an impression of permanent music consonance. The other three movements are variations of this musical material; Saiph works with the reversed transcription of Bellatrix, Betelgeuse with its inversed transcription, and Rigel varies the original Bellatrix. ORIO(N) thus stands for - Origo, Reversio, Inversio, Origo, (Nihil).

In every movement I try to express also the characters of these four stars of Orion; not only their size and brightness, but also the meanings of their names. For example Rigel is the brightest star in the constellation, Betelgeuse, an ancient star in the red supergigant stadium, doubtlessly the largest one (and also one of the nearest supernova candidates to the Solar System). In Latin, Bellatrix means “female warrior” while Saiph, Betelgeuse a Rigel come from the Arabic and in the context of the Orion constellation create the silhouette of a giant - his sword, arm, and foot.

The composition is dedicated to my professor of composition - the star Bellatrix - prof. Ivana Loudová.

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