for shakuhachi, strings and live electronics, 15', 2014

Null, infinity, one... silence, noise, tone...

Similarly to the top views of Jan Blažej Santini, which owing to their central geometry look up voicelessly to the perfection of Divine, the principal structure of the z_e_n composition is the accurate conversion of the mathematical processes, whose forms rise from zero, reach the infinity and then fall again into nothingness. This unwavering, mathematically based ground promotes a man to step out with all his imperfect, but colourful individuality.

Premiere of the reduced "concert" version at the Prague Shakuhachi Festival, August 25, 2014 in Prague. Premiere of the full site-specific version within the Hexameron performance, October 8, 2014, in a garden of Jan Blažej Santini's pilgrimage church, Prague.

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