experimental film / audiovisual performance, 2022

Audiovisual composition Rebirth responds to the covid mode of musical expression - individual musicians are filmed in isolation and only in an online video are the image and sound composed into multiple voices and faces.

In our case, we take our cue from Black and White Tears, a piece for solo female voice by this year's jubilant composer Mark Kopelent (b. 1932), which was layered into a new nine-part form by the young generation composer Soňa Vetchá. Performer Michaela Palová is the face of both the original and the new piece, in which she choreographs a chorus with herself in the same space. The film format can be supplemented by a live (surprise, presentational) entrance of the performer at the end - society is still affected by the weight of the pandemic and its consequences, but slowly a rebirth of living culture as we knew it is taking place.

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